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Machine cosmetology




DIVAZET helps reduce pain, activates/circulates metabolism, oxygenates tissues/cells, breaks down cellulite, removes internal fat, and improves elasticity/reshaping.


TRIPLEBODY is an innovative total skin & body care system that has RF(Radio Frequency), MF(Middle Frequency), and Laser functions in one device. This device will help internally heat the fat cells to destroy & liquify them.

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LIPOZET Pro is an all-in-one face & body care system that can improve elasticity, swelling, blood circulation, and collagen production all at the same time. This all in one device will help destroy fat cells,  tighten & firm the skin, and will also aid in body sculpting.


THERANOVA is an experienced medical device developer with a track record of creating innovative and practical solutions to large markets with unmet needs. THERANOVA pursues a rapid, highly capital-efficient process incorporating all the needed elements of medical device development in a shared services model. .



CORESCULPT is a device that guides people to maintain a healthy body for life through the process of sculpting people’s bodies beautifully into muscles.
The strong pulsed magnetic fi
eld of this CoreSculpt is instantaneously transmitted to a conductor that is easily transmitted by a magnetic field such as the human body, resulting in an eddy current. These induced biocurrents affect each tissue of the human body by electrophysiological mechanisms, and these electrophysiological effects appear in sensory nerves, blood vessels, bone tissues, etc.
The magnetic field is not only harmless to the human body, but also penetrates deep into the human body, activates cells, and affects nerves and muscle tissue, resulting in excellent treatment results.

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